Joshua Masse, Ph.D.

 Click here for CARE article published in Child Abuse and Neglect. 

The CARE program is a one day 6-hour workshop  developed by clinical staff at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). CARE is a training that grew out of a series of collaborations with therapists trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). CARE training is intended for adults who are NOT clinicians and who care for children with behavioral difficulties (teachers, clinical staff, case workers, etc.).  The primary focus of the training is learning skills designed to build a positive relationship with the child, so that young children (up to age 7 years) will feel more connected to the adult and more likely to demonstrate positive behaviors.  

CARE training does not cover extreme disruptive behavior or aggression. A more intensive level of intervention is indicated for this type of behavior, such as PCIT. The CARE training also contains a trauma education component to contextualize the use of these skills with the kinds of behaviors and problems exhibited by children with traumatic stress from witnessing violence (community or domestic) or from exposure to abuse (physical and/or sexual) or neglect or from a single traumatic event (e.g. motor vehicle accident, hurricane).

Dr. Masse was trained by the staff at CCMHC to conduct CARE workshops. Dr. Masse has conducted dozens of CARE trainings at a wide range of sites and agencies for a variety of professionals. In addition, he oversaw a CARE training team who conducted over 60 trainings to approximately 1,000 individuals.

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