Joshua Masse, Ph.D.

Dr. Masse is one of twenty master trainers in the world certified by PCIT International. Dr. Masse has vast experience conducting PCIT trainings having overseen a large-scale state-wide dissemination and implementation project. He has trained hundreds of mental health professionals in the model including Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Fellows, Interns, and Students.

He has experience training PCIT in community mental health agencies, residential and day treatment programs, universities, and home-based settings.

Dr. Masse conducts basic trainings for those looking to become PCIT certified and Level I trainings for those  interested in training other clinicians at their agency. Trainings are conducted within the parameters of the PCIT International training guidelines. See for complete training guidelines.

In addition to trainings, Dr. Masse conducts one to three hour PCIT informational presentations. These talks are designed solely to provide a clinical and research  overview of the treatment. These talks do not count toward PCIT certification.

Please email for more information about the training process or to schedule a phone consultation about the potential of conducting a training at your agency.