Joshua Masse, Ph.D.

Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT) is a classroom adaptation of PCIT. TCIT is designed to promote positive teacher-child relationships and provide teachers with effective tools for behavior management. TCIT assists all classroom staff in managing difficult behaviors such as non-compliance, aggression, prolonged tantrums and difficulty with transitions. In addition, TCIT looks to increase positive child behaviors and create a more cooperative and manageable classroom environment. TCIT is best suited for early childhood staff who work with children under the age of age 5.

Dr. Masse has developed and trained a TCIT program across the state of Delaware. This project is still ongoing and preliminary analyses (n = 34) have demonstrated increased positive teacher communication, classroom management, and a reduction in child disruptive behavior. Most importantly, teachers have reported to be highly satisfied with the training and more confident in their ability to maintain a positive classroom environment.

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